For non-urgent police enquiries call 101 or in an emergency always call 999

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Below you can find details to Burglary, Damage & Theft incidents that you can report to us online. Please click on the title of the incident to be taken to the reporting form.

Related forms


To report arson, which is a deliberate act of setting fire to property, causing damage or endangering life

Bogus caller / official

To report a bogus caller or bogus official, which usually entails someone posing as a worker for a utility company (particularly water officials), as a police officer, social services worker, ambulance staff, charity collectors or gardeners for example.


The offence of burglary is entering a building, or part of a building, as a trespasser, committing, or intending to commit, theft, grievous bodily harm or criminal damage.

Criminal Damage

Criminal damage is the deliberate act of damaging or attempting to damage / destroy property, or causing damage as a result of a reckless act.

Drive Off

Drive off / making off without payment is a criminal offence where someone deliberately avoids paying for fuel.

Robbery (theft with violence)

To report robbery, which is when a person uses force, violence or fear of violence, immediately before or at the time of stealing from a victim.

Shoplifting (Theft From Shops)

Shoplifting or theft from shops and stalls is when goods are taken without paying. If a person has entered an area that members of the public do not have access to, and items have been stolen this would be a burglary.

Taxi Bilking

Taxi bilking, or making off without payment, is a criminal offence where someone deliberately avoids paying for a taxi.

Theft from vehicle

To report theft, or attempted theft, from inside or on (roof racks etc.) a vehicle.

Theft (Excluding Vehicles)

Theft is when property is taken or attempted to be taken without permission, and with no intention of returning the property to the owner.

Theft of motor vehicle

To report a vehicle that has been taken unlawfully.