For non-urgent police enquiries call 101 or in an emergency always call 999

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Animals, Animal Welfare & Wildlife Crime

To report incidents involving animals in the road, banned breeds of dogs, dogs in hot vehicles and any wildlife crime such as poaching, livestock worrying etc.

Anti-Social Behaviour

To report incidents on the street, such as begging, drug using / dealing / production, fireworks misuse, licensed premises issues, prostitution, rowdy / nuisance behaviour or street drinking.

Burglary, Damage, Theft

To report incidents of arson, bogus callers, burglary (business & residential), criminal damage, petrol station fuel theft, taxi make offs, shoplifting, theft or damage to and thefts from vehicles.


To report incidents such as fly tipping or trespass.

Road & Traffic Issues

To report incidents such as driving complaints, drink or drugs driving, nuisance motorbikes, parking issues, road traffic collisions, or suspicious or abandoned vehicles.

Sexual Offences

To report incidents such as child sexual exploitation, female genital mutilation, grooming, indecent exposure, indecent images, revenge porn or rape, indecent assault & other sexual offences.

Violence Related Incidents

To report incidents such as assault, domestic abuse, firearms & other weapons, robbery, hate crime / incidents, threats or threatening behaviour or witness intimidation.

Welfare & Suspicious

To report any suspicious incident or concerns about welfare, such as someone involved in modern slavery, any incident involving harassment/stalking, hate crime / incidents, trespass, or any other concerns for a person’s safety and welfare.

Partnership Intelligence Form

This section is for Professional Partner Agencies of South Yorkshire Police to provide Information and Intelligence only. This system is NOT for the reporting of an offence.